Your home is what you make it to be. It is a place where you can be yourself, relax and unwind. How you choose to keep your home is a completely personal decision, as some would like their home to be minimalist with almost nothing beyond the bare minimum. Then there are some who love to do their home up with accessories, trinkets and all pretty things they find.

While going overboard can definitely make the space look cluttered, having just the bare minimum does give the home many empty negative spaces. The next time you are redoing your home especially the living room, there are some basics and essentials that are must haves.

You obviously need comfortable furniture to sit on. Other essentials would be some a set of curtains. But this is not enough to make the room look attractive, you would need some decorative accessories. Let us look at some of the best decorative accessories suitable for the living room.


They add that vibrant splash of green to your living room. Available in various styles and attractive pots, you just need to look out for a plant that suits your living room.

A rug:

A rug naturally adds warmth to the house and makes it appear cosy and inviting. Even when you have guests, it makes your living room feel homely and comfortable without actually being the centre of attraction.

A personal piece of decoration:

Like perhaps a collection of photo frames or just one that is memorable. It adds a personal touch to the room and define who’s home it is.

Coffee Table

It need not be the biggest piece of furniture in the living room but a coffee table does actually bring the furniture together. It completes the look of the sofas.


Candles are not used only to create a romantic feel. It can make the living room appear warm and give it a homely yet beautiful appearance.

Comfortable pillows and cushions

Have lots of them, even if your couch or sofas are comfortable, pillows make the room feel comfortable and inviting. Also guests might need it for extra support, or friends may use it to get comfortable on the couch too.