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Choosing Furniture for exterior of your Home


Exteriors of home are the places that are grabbed when you need some silent space. Who doesn’t need it every day? Well most of us, given the opportunity would love to spend some quiet time, resting in the lawns of our own space.

But with the urbanisation and growing population its difficult to find such open spaces all through. Quite fortunate ones have the privilege to enjoy some time in the outdoor of their home for an unwinding time or a refreshing morning.

So, what and how do you brighten up that living space, which is always filled with a fresh breeze, hot sunshine in summers, some chilly winds and dust and some snow during the winters?

Furniture is the most needed part of décor to the lawn or exteriors. Having a comfortable piece of furniture according to your need and style is the priciest possession, that’s because you can enjoy the moment like there is no tomorrow!

But, how do you choose the furniture? Exteriors are going to be filled with lots of moisture during windy days and covered with ice during the winters. Shielding and protecting them is the prime concern.

Factors to consider:


This is the biggest factor to be considered while thinking about furniture for the home exterior. Is the weather at your place always hot, cold or mixed, or rainy? So choose furniture that stands such bad, horrible and worse conditions, without being damaged.


Checking about the exact location of the furniture is very important. Whether it’s on a grass or soil or on a hard surface like rock, concrete or wood. Depending upon the answer, choose the materials wisely.

Shortlist the material:

Choosing the material again needs the following consideration.

  • Weather
  • Maintenance, and
  • It’s looks over a period of time.

If you can give permissible answers to these, then you can go ahead with our choice.


Never buy one that is out of the comfort level.


It’s always wise to consider foldable, or detachable pieces of furniture for exterior use.