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How to Prepare Your Home for Your New Cat

Are you preparing your home for the new cat that you have decided to adopt and welcome to your family? It may be very hard for a new pet owner to prepare their home because there are a lot of factors to take in, such as how high can your pet jump, will it eat cables, will it knock down vases, and much more.

Taking the big step in taking in a new member of your family is a hard thing to do, and cleaning out your house to prepare it for your new cat is just as hard. However, in this article, we will do the best that we can to prepare you and to guide you in making sure your house is in the best condition that it can be, so that your cat can have a wonderful experience and not give you any headaches that can be caused by a home that is unprepared.

What Shouldn’t You Do?


First, we will go over the things that you shouldn’t do when preparing your home for your new cat. Sure, cats are known to jump high and get in high locations and knock over vases and antiques off shelves. However, if you are adopting a baby kitten, you won’t have a problem with your pet jumping on your shelf for the next few months, so don’t make this your top priority.

Yes, you must eventually get rid of fragile items off your shelves, but you won’t have to be in a rush to sell them especially if you are adopting a kitten. So, take your time and get the right value out of your items and don’t be quick to undercut the price so that you can sell them before your pet arrives in your home, since you will have a couple of months to do that.

Second, don’t leave your wires and small spaces open because your cat will find a way inside there even if you don’t think it can fit inside. When I was setting up my home for my first cat, I thought I had everything covered up, but my kitten went missing for a few hours one day. I found it sitting inside a cabinet that I ignored because I thought there was no way it would be able to go through the tight space in the back to inside through the small hole that we had made to allow wires to pass through.

Lastly, please do not purchase big cat trees, as it will be simple a waste of money with a small kitten. The kitten won’t be strong or big enough to be able to utilize all the posts on the tree and it will also be too afraid to come down if it does get up. Avoid the costs and save the money and space for a water fountain or food bowl.

What Should You Do?


You should make sure that the floor is clear of any dangerous objects, such as tacks that you may have dropped on accident, as kittens have weak paws and sharp objects will cause damage that may be hard to fix. We also recommend that you get down on the floor and see your home