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Mop It Right

Mop It Right

Be it your house or office, the floors need to be cleaned well, very regularly, else they are going to look dirty and bring down the entire ambience. Not to forget the hygiene factor that is going go down south. Floor is one place that can never be kept clean at all times, simple because we never stop walking on them.

Keep It Clean

One cannot abstain from walking on those floors, just to keep them clean. Even it has been just a minute since the maid or the cleaner has given it a good scrub, if you have to walk over it, you have to, there is just no way around it. Since this keeps happening, one cannot stop cleaning the floor, nor can they wait for everyone to leave, to clean it. Though many offices clean up the floors after work hours, they need to be cleaned during the day too.

So, how do you keep the floor clean at all times? Here are a few tips:


Use the right solution. Don’t buy the first floor cleaner you see in the market or the one that has the maximum advertisements. Go for one that will really clean up all that dirt and leave the floor shiny clean for a longer time.


Choosing the right mop is very important. No matter how effective your floor cleaning solution is, and how hard you scrub the floor, if the mop is wrong, all efforts will be in vain. There are a number of powerful mops for cleaning. Go to the nearby store, take a good look around and find the one that suits you. Don’t hesitate to ask the store attendant for some help and suggestions. They are the ones who receive the first hand feedback and can help you choose the right one for your floor. Different floorings will require different cleaning supplies, so always choose well.