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Your home is what you make it to be. It is a place where you can be yourself, relax and unwind. How you choose to keep your home is a completely personal decision, as some would like their home to be minimalist with almost nothing beyond the bare minimum. Then there are some who love to do their home up with accessories, trinkets and all pretty things they find.

While going overboard can definitely make the space look cluttered, having just the bare minimum does give the home many empty negative spaces. The next time you are redoing your home especially the living room, there are some basics and essentials that are must haves.

You obviously need comfortable furniture to sit on. Other essentials would be some a set of curtains. But this is not enough to make the room look attractive, you would need some decorative accessories. Let us look at some of the best decorative accessories suitable for the living room.


They add that vibrant splash of green to your living room. Available in various styles and attractive pots, you just need to look out for a plant that suits your living room.

A rug:

A rug naturally adds warmth to the house and makes it appear cosy and inviting. Even when you have guests, it makes your living room feel homely and comfortable without actually being the centre of attraction.

A personal piece of decoration:

Like perhaps a collection of photo frames or just one that is memorable. It adds a personal touch to the room and define who’s home it is.

Coffee Table

It need not be the biggest piece of furniture in the living room but a coffee table does actually bring the furniture together. It completes the look of the sofas.


Candles are not used only to create a romantic feel. It can make the living room appear warm and give it a homely yet beautiful appearance.

Comfortable pillows and cushions

Have lots of them, even if your couch or sofas are comfortable, pillows make the room feel comfortable and inviting. Also guests might need it for extra support, or friends may use it to get comfortable on the couch too.


Supplies Needed For Cleaning Business

Are you planning to start your own cleaning business? Well, the best part about a cleaning business is that you will not require too many supplies initially to get started. With the gradual growth of your business, you will able to purchase more number of supplies.

You might wonder from where you should purchase these supplies. This is absolutely your wish; from wherever you want to buy. But the best possibility will be to visit a local cleaning supplier. This can help you in getting some guidance from the supplier as well regarding how you can grow your company. But if you want to prefer online suppliers then you can check shopping sites like where you can actually find some discounts on the cleaning supplies. Do remember that since you are just starting don’t buy everything at once which will end up being unused. Stock the basic cleaning items in the beginning. Say for example, you can keep blue paper roll because many customers can order blue paper roll which is used in all houses.

List Of Items

Now coming to the cleaning items that you must have available for your customers are mentioned below:

  • You must have vacuum cleaner which comes with attachments, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet brush, dry mop, wet mop and bucket, latex gloves, white cloth rags, broom, dust pan and brush, paper towels, wet floor signs.
  • You can also have disinfectant cleaner, extension cord, bathroom cleaner, window cleaner, soft scrub product for sinks, furniture polish, high duster for cleaning the ceilings, feather dusters, SOS pads and a caddy with handle for keeping all your supplies.

These are the things that are basically needed in most of the households. But do not sell them at a very higher price else customers would prefer some other store which sells for less, to make a purchase instead of your shop.

Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

Home safety is a top priority when you move into a new place. Burglaries and thefts are occurring more frequently these days and keeping this in mind, taking appropriate precautions are the need of the hour. Take a look at a few important things you need to consider regarding safety and security of your home-

  • Secure doors properly

All doors that lead into or out of your house must be checked to ensure they cannot be broken into easily. the frames, hinges, and quality of wood used should be in the best of conditions and the latches and locks should be of top quality. Instruct young children to ask who it is, before opening the door to any Tom, Dick or Charlie.

  • Lock windows well

Just like you check the doors you need to check the working conditions of all the windows too. It is advisable to use tempered glass or laminated glass to make the windows more durable and stronger. Make sure that all the latches are hardy and not flimsy.

  • Install a reliable security system

These days there are many smart security systems available which will help alert you when someone tries to break into your house. Some systems are programmed in such a way that they alert the nearest police station as well. Most of the popular systems consist of an alarm, sensors that are connecting to all the doors and windows of your house as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Adequate lighting

Having enough lighting sources in and around your house keeps burglars away to a large extent. You could also install lights which have motion sensors in them. These will provide some added protection too. Intruders are most likely to stay away from well-lit and illuminated houses.

These are a few basic tips that can help you keep your home safe and secure from thefts and unwanted intruders.

The Best Sash Window Company In London

Looking for a good and reliable company who manufactures excellent and durable sash windows? need to place an order and expect a prompt and timely delivery of your required order. Then, probably the best sash window company in London is this one which has got nothing short of a fanatic reputation and huge and loyal clientele who always keep coming back for more.

This is a company which has been in the business of manufacturing some of the best and most efficient as well as traditional kind of sash windows for more than three decades. Sash windows by themselves have a classic look and when they are manufactured using the finest quality of materials and craftsmanship, they are bound to be a feast for the eyes.


Almost all of the windows manufactured by the company are manufactured in their very own workshop. Each and every order that they take up is special and is worked upon with utmost care and precision so as to be only the best. Every design, proportion, and detail are particularly refined and you just cannot expect it to get better than what it is. Timber is the preferred wood that is used in the manufacture of box sash windows and sash windows too as there is nothing better than timber when it comes to stability, durability, strength, and class.

Customer Care

The company is extremely loyal to its customers and goes all out the way to ensure that they are completely and thoroughly satisfied.  we try our best to meet the requirements and specifications that are voiced by the customer to the best of our abilities and try to deliver a product that is exactly what the client had in mind while placing the order.

We not only deliver, we installations as well to ensure your windows are well fitted and are completely secure. The overall look and appearance of the way a window is put can really make or break the appearance of your building or house.

Add Cushions And Liven Up Your Space

We all are aware that the primary purpose of a cushion is to give comfort and support while sitting. But cushions in real do much more than that. Cushions are now an inevitable part of your furnishings and in fact have found their place almost everywhere, the living area, the study, and even in the bedroom.

Trust scatter cushions to add that element of fun and liveliness to any space that previously looked dull or incomplete. Choosing cushions for your house is an important decision as the right cushions will add life to your house, while inappropriate ones will simply fail to deliver. When it comes to choosing the right cushions, handmade fabrics are a rage that is here to stay. These handmade scatter cushions will look great in just about any room.

Let us help you with some tips, to help you choose the right cushions for your home.

Tips to choose the right cushions

Colors: There are many furniture collections that come along with matching cushions. These cushions must almost always be discarded as they often come in the same colors as the furniture. Cushions look best in an array of contrasting colors. You can get inspiration of colors from anything else that is attractive in your house including may be the rug, or even the lawn outdoors.

Fabric: How your cushion feels on touch is decided by the fabric, but it also decides how your cushions appear on the whole. Investing in handmade fabrics is one of the best options as the handmade fabrics tend to last longer, look better and the style are eternal.

Size: Choosing the right size of cushion is again very important. If your cushions are too big, they will out shine your furniture and too small then they will not even be noticeable. The right size is often decided by the size of the furniture and the room where the cushions are intended to be.

Patterns: One can use their imagination and opt from a myriad variety of patterns including geometric patterns, animal prints, tribal prints and much more.

The Best Coffee Makers For A Great Cup Of Coffee

There is nothing better than a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee to stimulate your senses the first thing in the morning. A good cup of coffee and really refresh you and give you a wonderful start to your day. having said that for a person like me, I can have cups of fresh brews all day long to give a high that I always look forward to.

Getting the perfect brew largely depends on the coffee beans as well as the coffee makers or coffee brewers that you are using to brew your daily dose of coffee.  So, here are a few guidelines for your to make the perfect and the best choice of equipment to get that caffeine loaded perfect cup of coffee in your hands-

  • Choose a coffee maker according to your design style and your lifestyle. If you have a family who loves coffee then it is better to go in for multi-cup coffee makers. Some machines give an output of almost 8-12 cups in one go. Some of these machines come with multiple features which can double up as boots when you use them for other functions as well.

  • Single serve coffee dispensers

This type of coffee maker is the most popular one for bachelors and their likes who prefer to make a single cup at a time.  This machine is also popular because you can make different flavors each time you feel like having a cup.

  • Espresso Machines

Espresso coffee machines are a tad sophisticated and creating the perfect cup may take a little longer. But, let me tell you every sip is worth the wait. You can conjure up a variety of coffee based drinks which include coffee latte, cappuccino, mocha and many other flavors.

Once you have chosen your choice of brewer you can sit back and enjoy endless cups of coffee all day long.

Choosing The Right Cat Water Fountain

When you have a cat, you want to ensure they have the best of everything. These little creatures are lazy and love comfortable living conditions.

Apart from ensuring they have a place of their own to curl up in and rest in, they need to be fed properly too. While a food dish is important, a cat needs to be well hydrated too. Not all cats prefer drinking out a water dish that can get dirty due to the food in the dish or other dirt particles. For such fussy cats, you need a cat water fountain that can provide a constant source of clean fresh running water.

How To Choose

When you choose a water fountain for your cat, don’t just blindly go by tags that say “this is the best water fountain for cats”. Keep these points in mind before you can buy a cat water fountain:


If you have more than one cat or are planning to leave the cat for a day or two, you will need a water fountain with a large capacity.


There are three different types of water fountains to choose from for your cat

  • Gravity – These are noisy and sound like the regular office water fountains. Though these don’t have a motor, they can be very complicated to fill up without spilling water all over.
  • Charcoal Filters – Charcoal bits keep floating into the water reservoir and it takes a lot of time and effort to effectively clean it out, only to have more charcoal pieces float in, in few minutes. Cleaning this requires a lot of rinsing and the filters themselves will have to be replaced regularly.
  • Multistage Filtration System (bubblers) – These can scare some cats. Not every cat would like to drink from this type. Also, cleaning this filter is much more complicated than just replacing the water frequently in a bowl.

Choose the right water fountain for your cat and watch it enjoy drinking from it every single time.

The Convenient, Practical Way to Make Cats Drink Water

Cat Owners, by now, would have observed that most of the cats like to drink water from running water. For those lovely little ones, cat water fountains are awesome idea to encourage them to drink the recommended amount of water.

There are various reasons as to why a cat water fountain is needed. With cat water fountains,

  • It is Safer for the pets.
  • The quality of water is greatly improved.
  • Pets really enjoy drinking from fountains

How they work

Cat Fountains are made of water reservoirs and it is fitted with a pump that is electrically powered or battery operated. It is fitted with a filter. The pump helps sucking the water through the filter. The contamination, if any, is removed by the filter and the water flows like a fountain or stream that attracts the cat to drink.

Cat Water fountains are of great help because they attract the cats to drink more. The water is also pure and safe to drink. As the filter keeps the water pure, it is not necessary to refill as in regular bowls.

Cat-Safe Water Fountains

Most of the cat owners worry about the safety of their pets. There are a plenty of models of the cat fountains available in the market. But are worth the money spent? The plastic ones are not safe unless they are non-toxic and lead free. Also, a battery operated water fountain for cats is a great option as there is no need to worry about the hassles of wire that could fall into the water or cats playing with it or whatever that could cause harm to the pets.

Even though the best cat water fountains are a bit on the expensive side, it is worth the extra cost, safe, has a longer life and are definitely attractive to the cats. Cat water fountains are convenient and practical way to make the cats drink more fresh water and thus, keeps them healthy.